Do You Recognise The 7 Early Warning Signs Of Choosing
A Fatally Flawed Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy?

Sign 1 - No Trust

Have you ever worked with a web developer or Web Marketing Strategist, whether it be in SEO (Search engine optimisation), Google Adwords, a new website, Social Media, or any other digital media service, only to discover you have wasted, $100`s, or very possibly $1000`s and you have said to yourself:


“That Web marketing just does not work”. Some of the key reasons are shown below.

  • Did you know that the majority of web developers and marketing companies are not skilled in developing and strategically utilising the very methodologies and tools necessary to achieve integrated marketing success, e.g Advanced Google Analytics.
  • When a marketing company only offers scattered services such as eye-catching websites and search engine optimisation (SEO), there can be no “integration.”
  • This translates into zero synergy (combining all aspects of your online presence), few measurable results and a lot of your precious marketing dollars down the drain.

You can’t maximise your marketing dollars with a hit and miss, piecemeal plan.

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Sign 2 - No Research

It is a minefield when you have to come to choose a digital marketing supplier. What questions do you ask? How do you know they are giving you the answers you need? We will give you some example website questions to ask below,that will give you some early warning signs of needing to be very careful when making your choice.



Are you professionally developed in the principle of cognitive psychology, which studies the mental processes of how people think, perceive, remember and learn? Some acronyms that demonstrate advanced conversion website design.




C = Consistency R = Repetition A = Alignment P = Positioning


Do they know about A/B split testing (Changing for example a headline on one page to see if it converts better than the other page), multivariate testing (Testing multiple items on a page to see which version of a page converts the best), eye tracking studies & advanced Google Analytics / SEO?


Do they build custom mobile websites that are built only for a smartphone user (The content is a lot less than a desktop site, giving a mobile user what they need to take action to contact and buy from you) or does it have all the same content as the desktop site?

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Sign 3 - One Service or Integrated Marketing?

We understand you may believe your marketing efforts are “just fine” utilising one or two online tools…and that’s your first – and most costly mistake. SEO, by itself, can’t get the job done.Neither can simply focusing on e-mail blasts. Launching a website doesn’t magically attract paying customers. Nor can casting random marketing bait onto the web with the hope that folks will bite.


And if you’re not continually tracking & testing (and tweaking) everything you’re doing, chances are pretty good you’re going
to fail.


On the flip side, we develop laser-focused, fully-integrated digital marketing strategies for our clients that create/ optimise web platforms, maximise sales and leads (while also reducing costs).


Only by hiring one company offering all services – with accurate, ongoing analytics – can you measurably optimise your company’s online marketing with a truly integrated solution.

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Sign 4 - Not Getting To Know, Like & Trust You

There are only 3 ways to grow a business:

  • Grow the number of customers
  • Increase the average transaction value per customer
  • Grow the number of transactions per customer

A marketing funnel is the powerful answer to you getting results for more leads & sales, when actioned with the first suggestion below.


Using 1-2 services, like SEO or Social Media, on their own, is not your answer to success.


First you need to create a free electronic offer, that solves your target markets frustrations, pains and challenges, showing your unique selling points, which incentivises the visitor to give their first name and email.


Next offer something of a low investment, which offers amazing value, to help people to get to ‘know like and trust you’, followed by a core product, then a cross sell or upsell (A very profitable product or service) and follow up with email marketing, blogging, remarketing and social media.


What strategies are you using to keep in front of your customers consistently?

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Sign 5 - Not Tracking

Tracking & testing is not sexy like Social Media, it does not get the ‘headlines’ of search engine optimisation, only understanding your users behaviour on your website and Blog, etc is the most critical part of an integrated marketing strategy, to grow your leads, sales and reduce your costs. We will discuss testing in the next section.


There are a number of analytics services to choose from, although we suggest you use Google Analytics as your ‘dashboard of success’ as its free and yet so powerful its worth $1000`s and $1000`s.


Where do your start? First makes sure its installed professionally and that you have goals set up, or a large amount of Google Analytics won`t give you the critical answers you need about your business.

A goal can include tracking email enquiries, how long a user spends on a page, how many pages they visit, how many PDF downloads are made and how many new subscribers you have to your email database.


Social Media is frequently discussed in terms of how can you know the ROI on your campaigns. Google Analytics has the answers to see how your social media audience contributes towards your sales and leads.

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Sign 6 - No Testing

You would want to know if there was a different version of websites landing page that creates more leads and sales for you wouldn`t you?


How do you get that result? What would you test?For your greatest success online to be achieved testing is a non negotiable decision. There are simple versions known as A/B split testing where landing A is different to landing page B, for example a different colour call to action button.


A more complex, only extremely powerful variation is multivariate testing, meaning you test multiple items on a page, whether that be a headline, image, marketing copy, position, design colour or header section.


You can never ‘assume’ that a certain design is going to be the best performing. While you do have to have a certain minimum level of traffic to get statistical results that can be used and test for a minimum of 2-4 weeks, you can be sure it can mean many extra $1000`s in profits for making a few changes.


The main challenge is knowing what to test and this is where you need an experienced integrated digital marketing company.

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Sign 7 - Lack Of Experience

When deciding which digital agency to use, the points to think about include:

  • What actual hands on experience of multiple digital services do they have?
  • What is their advanced knowledge over how many years in understanding website user behavior?
  • Who are their references?
  • Do they keep up with all the latest trends and changes technologies, tactics & strategies? How much have they invested in their professional development?
  • Do the different sections of the company all work together as an overall strategy (Not normally) or do they just work on their own individual service like SEO?

Experience cannot be underestimated when it comes to knowing how to create a step by step process to achieve, not only short term success, but medium and long term, while avoiding wasting $1000`s just to have to start all over again.

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