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    Joint Brisbane Inner West Chamber of Commerce Event Tuesday 7th July (5.45-8.45pm), Polish Club, 10 Marie St, Milton
    2/3 of Facebook Australian users are on Mobile
    Increase your leads from existing traffic
    Buyers ready to make a decision

    Who is this event for?

    CEO`s, CFO`s, MD`s, Business Coaches, Accountants. Sales & Marketing managers, retailers, real estate principals, SME`s, & entrepreneurs.

    Is Google Search Engine Optimisation ‘Dead’?

    How you can double your leads from Google

    The truth will be revealed in this powerful presentation about:
    • What is the most important first step you should take to know where to focus your business success online
    • The free Google tool that is critical all local businesses should be using today
    • What do Google really want to see from your website and what do they hate that could see your website never be found
    • The no 1 point that most web developers ignore that will make or break your website enquiries and sales
    • How to know what your competitors success strategies are

    The New Secrets Revealed To Growing Your Social Media Audience

    Social Media continues to change and grow in popularity. For small businesses it's critical now to help your target audience to get to ‘know like and trust you’.   Discover the latest changes you must know including:
    • Linkedin: How to improve your networking and the visibility of your profile to create more leads
    • Twitter: 3 ways to boost your marketing results
    • Google Plus: 5 new ways to be ranked on Google that you wished you knew before
    • Facebook: How to grow your audience engagement and exposure to your business to more targeted prospects
    • Pinterest: The no 1 strategy to drive traffic to your website and avoid copyright claims
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    Website Reviews

    Volunteer your website for review and you will learn the top 3 next steps to grow your buyers & leads, using advanced strategies, psychology and proven eye tracking studies.
    • Is it clear what your product or service is?
    • What is your no 1 benefit?
    • What causes frustration or confusion?

    Join the winners today

    You could be in the 20% of businesses who currently turn a healthy profit online. Or you could be in the 80% who don’t. Make no mistake, though; there’s no question where we are heading. Soon enough, every marketing manager on the planet will be flat out fighting competition from other mobile marketers. By 2018, an estimated 85.9% of all online advertising will target mobile users.

    Search engine optimisation and Social Media marketing leads will only grow with smartphones. Discover what your business needs to grow and profit . You should act today – Or you will regret not doing so tomorrow.

    Take your lead from Internet Marketing Strategist Andrew R Edwards and his team. You can count on him, because he has taken his lead from the absolute apex of specialists in the field, including David Bullock, Senior Social Media advisor to US President Barack Obama; Andy Edmonds, Ex Senior Director of Search for eBay; and Emmy award winner Andy Jenkins – all of whom vouch for Andrew’s deep knowledge and professionalism.

    On 7th July 2015, Andrew and the Brisbane Inner West Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a joint seminar at the Polish Club, 10 Marie St, Milton. This is one you really don’t want to miss.


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